Xth European Colloquium on Maritime Law Research

Call for papers

Codification of Maritime Law (Challenges, possibilities and experience)

There is a lot of codification going on in respect of maritime law and the associated law of the sea, for example in national legislation, in IMO, UNCITRAL and other UN bodies, in the EU as well in the development of restatements and principles. In the same vein, comprehensive contract terms in insurance and chartering are being developed. What are the characteristics of these processes, how do they influence the way we argue and resolve conflicts, and how do they interact with general principles and the general, “background” law? Do the new codes represent a threat to the common law method? Is the role of the codifications in developing and harmonizing legal concepts and substantive law only beneficial? And why do contracts tend to grow larger, despite the increased codification?

Those wishing to contribute to these and similar discussions are invited to send abstracts of papers until 30th of April 2018 (after logging in at the web page choose 'abstract' tab, available since 1st of February 2018). Acceptance of abstracts: 20th of May 2018.

Deadline for sending full papers: 30 September 2018 to be published in a conference book.


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